Wednesday, February 15, 2006

it is an OSHA-violating 57 degrees in my office

This angry little charmer hails from the summer archives of my previous blog

It's so cold in my office. Sooooo......cold.......I'm getting sleepy. Seriously, I already disabled the A/C vent in my office with a hammer and I keep my door closed to close out the chill from the vents outside my office (I'd have at them too only I'm concerned about security cameras).

I know, I know, it's sweltering outside. But this just makes the situation that much worse. Becuase, given the marvels of modern air conditioning, it is now in fact at sub zero temperatures in my office. Even when I have my TWO SPACE HEATERS running at full tilt under the desk. (These are contraband. I don't care.)

And since it is this cold, I have to dress for the weather! This means I can't wear skirts, or summer weight materials, or leave my legs uncovered. So when I do venture outside, I sweat profusely either from wearing or dragging around multiple layers of warm clothing, and then have to come back inside where the sweat instantly freezes into ice for a personal cold shower inside my pants.

The poor soul who sits in a cubicle (and is therefore even more vulnerable to the gale force winds issuing forth from the A/C unit than me, with at least my office walls for protection) is wearing GLOVES right now. I tried to explain to her about the hammer and A/C but she knows about the security cameras too and apparently likes her job more than I do.

God damn it office services! When I call you and complain of the painfully freezing temperatures in here, stop reminding me of how hot it is OUTSIDE! What you don't seem to understand is that while it may be sweltering outside it happens to be very fucking cold where I have to work! Recently, they've grown sick of my complaining so they just tell me that they will adjust the temprature but they are full of shit. Or else they say "If we raise the temperature for you, we will get complaints from the other people in your area." WHAT? From whom? From the girl wearing mittens in July? From the dude with chattering teeth who is wearing a WINTER COAT?!

I'm shivering and just told my boss that, in addition to the space heaters, I am going to expense a blanket! I brought in a thermometer and it registered that it is in 57 in here. 50 fucking 7! That is TOO COLD! I'm going to get sick! Imagine if I didn't pulverize the A/C vent?

Maybe a little less with the "popcorn Wednesdays" and a little more with the "reasonable temperatures," corporate. Damn!


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