Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A product that craps out this quickly has no redeeming qualities

A few nights ago, my $150.00 DVD player refused to play and is (of course) beyond warranty. It kept giving me this error message H07, which the manual told me means "trouble likely to have occcured - reset system." So I did, to no avail. Now, I realize that DVD players are cheap these days, but I wanted to watch a movie, not drive into Northern Virginia traffic hell, hope to make it before Best Buy closed its doors, lay down some bucks on an unresearched product (not that research served me particularly well the last time) and then come back and watch my movie. I mean, damn, the popcorn will be stale!

So yesterday morning, after 1 1/2 hours on hold with panasonic, I happened to enter the error code into google and found at least 100 sites featuring people condemning the product.I decided to write one of my own.

Subject: Panasonic DVD-RV32K

Summary: Junk product from a junk company

Pros: None. A product that craps out this quickly has no redeeming features.

Cons: Like virtually everyone else who has owned this product for at least one week, I got the "H07" message. I'm suprised the crackhead engineers at Panasonic didn't just program the code to read "F.U." because after you talk to their customer service department, you'll know that's what they mean!!!


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