Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Trotsky Loves Mao, Borrows Equipment, Writes a Few Songs, Goes to the Bank...

So I totally have a new side project. Here is our bio:

It was at Isaac Washington's instigation that Lonnie Bruner, Red Storm and Isaac Washington formed Trotsky Loves Mao and, with his encouragement, the three began to make a name for themselves in rock music, first by heart, idealism and raw talent, and later by hard work, copious amounts of alcohol, and innovation.

Building on their early twee pop sound, the trio soon began layering their delicate guitars with increasingly edgy riffs like some kind of heavy metal birthday cake from outer space with a deliciously sweet frosting.

Isaac W authored most of the band's early work. Heavily influenced by gaypop and Motorhead, his work was later complemented by the songwriting of fellow founding bandmate Red Storm. It was in there in the dining room "music laboratory" of Red Storm's Trinidad residence that the trio performed a series of magical ceremonies that prefigured Red Storm's elaboration of the techniques of rhythm guitar and lead vocals, or, as she was later to call it, "being divine."

(In this case, the ceremonies combined the performance of advanced ritual magic with helmets and other assorted implements of torture, including guitars, a makeshift tambourine, spirits, and some incense).

It was this episode in the music lab - sublime and terrifying as an experience, profound in its effects, and illuminating in what it reveals of the engagement of advanced magical practice with personal selfhood and music making - that constitutes the core focus of the band.

Lonnie Bruner, the twelfth of nineteen children and the third founding member, brought new direction to the band and is best known for his innovative guitar and steady talent. Lonnie Bruner's father, a soothsayer by trade, was quite musical and passed his talent to his twelth-born. On Sundays, the Bruner family often gave private concerts. Bruner's father played the harp while little Bruner and his mother sang. A music industry rep "discovered" five-year-old Bruner and took him under his wing for musical instruction. The care for young Bruner was meager and Bruner has said himself that "there was more flogging than food." Still, he persevered, determined even as a young boy to maximize the opportunity and learn all that he could.

It was not until early 2006 that KD, a force to be reckoned with on keyboards and tambourine, joined the group, rounding out the former trio's hard-driving but melodic sound with crisp keyboards and sweet harmonies. Recalling her mispent youth, KD says she now regrets the drunken rampages she used to lead friends on in her native Colorado, and claims that she was merely a footsoldier in the "army of anarchy." KD and her gang of ruffian cohorts would get drunk, put on army boots, and take to the streets wearing colorful wigs and carrying dainty purses they'd looted from their grandmothers.

They were fearless, drunk, and extremely beautiful.

In early 2000, BFF, self-proclaimed scion of the comfortable middle classes, undertook a journey to Washington, DC. The stated purpose of the trip was pleasure. BFF, later to be dubbed "the wickedest drummer on God's Green Earth," was in his late twenties when the band recruited him to provide percussion for their rock outfit. BFF, widely traveled and an experienced mountaineer, nonetheless loved Washington, DC and had personal reasons for wanting to be out of his hometown and so he accepted. Dreamy and mystical by nature, BFF is far from benign behind the drum kit. The band, now at full strength, soon learned that in much relating to life, (or at least to percussion), BFF held a wisdom beyond his years.


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