Monday, June 12, 2006

He Is Not My Monkey and So What?

My blog has taken on a corporate bent lately that I am loathe to acknowledge. But sometimes the corporate life lends itself to a singular hilarity that begs for a transcript. Take, for instance, this piece of pure unintended comedy I received the other day in response to public statements I made about legislation pending Congressional action. I've removed all parts that might compromise the author's privacy, but otherwise transcribed excerpts from the letter faithfully.

This guy definitely gets the pulitzer prize for hating, but I have to say he earns my grudging respect for his innovative turns of phrase. I mean, why settle for calling me "ineffective," "inexperienced," or even "incompetent" when he can point out that I run from traffic signals? I have to admit that I probably would have merly skimmed a less colorful missive but read his letter several times over. All of this goes to show that bad grammer, like a well placed typo, can sometimes be elevated to an art-form. Especially when you've attended the Sex Pistols' school of letter-writing.


Ms. Red Storm,
June 7, 2006

I have read the bio for you on this website and find it very interesting, also you have my respected as using to care about hard-working union employees when you were at the Clinton white House and as a Senate staff. However, I cannot believe how far the apple has fallen from the tree because I do not see those values now. I look at your credentials and bio and see that you are a politician who has worked for politicians all your life but I do NOT see that you do my job or have ever so HOW WOULD YOU KNOW? anything about these issues like your letter suggests?!?

You are a pencil pusher with no ideas and I cannot understand why you feel so strongly about opposing HR ----. You are a pencil pusher that can no longer lead by example! This should not be decided by you, some executive who would run scared from a stop sign.

I hope that you give this some consideration and remember that when things continue to get worst that YOU had a hand in it.

Best wishes to you and the parties that you represent,

John Q. Hater


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