Tuesday, September 05, 2006

You know what's super about this rainy weather?


Don't get me wrong, normally I really enjoy the rain. Something about the act of carrying an umbrella makes me happy. But today the rain has been my nemesis.

The rain started off my morning by striking so insistently at the skylight outside my bedroom door that the resulting racket was not unlike the sound of large automobiles falling onto a heap of scrap metal. Since I didn't need a 7 AM wake up call, I thanked the rain anyway and tried to get back to sleep but, quite inexplicably, considering how tired I was, I lay in bed sleepless for about 43 minutes until a blissful slumber once again claimed me about two minutes before my alarm was set to jar me back to a state of wakefulness. I promptly ignored the alarm as it sounded, (or rather, silenced it) which set off a sequence of events eventually culminating in my tardy arrival at a staff meeting 20 minutes late.

Here's where things get tricky, though. Unfortunately. the rain and its deleterious effect on area traffic meant that I was not the only one. So instead of missing out on 20 minutes of a two hour meeting about projects I neither know nor care about, the whole meeting was pushed back. I didn't miss a word. Sadly.

I had to wear a suit because I have a meeting on the hill this afternoon. I won't have time to change before I leave for practice, which is super sweet. I'm wearing a black suit today and a black shirt underneath it, lending me the appearance of either:

1. a waiter.
2. a ninja
3. a cat burglar (meow!)

Today I had to have some head shots taken for an article I am authoriing in some arcane trade magazine read only by members of my industry and maybe a handful of eager beaver Congressional staff. As an added bonus, the photographer gathered up our entire staff in the lobby of our building for a staff photo that is going on our holiday cards. It's going to be beautiful. Due to the rain, my hair is completely flat and is lying around my shoulders like a dead cat and my suit, having been soaked through, dried back in a wrinkled fashion that suggests I was hit by the metro this morning and then dragged along for a few stops. The best part is that the photos were taken in front of the unintentionally hilarious foliage gracing my company's lobby. I tried to convince my boss, who is generally a good sport, to pose behind the shrubbery as if we were emerging from the wilderness, all suited up and successorized, ready to defend the business of our corporate benefactors but for some reason she decided this was not in her best interest. Maybe she reads my blog?

I wish I had a few dried leaves or twigs to put in my hair for added effect, just to further the illusion widely held by many in my office that I sleep in my clothes, in some van somewhere. I also wish I had the picture to go along with this blog.

Watch for updates.