Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Garrison Keillor, thank you.

Until the courts dispose of this piece of garbage, you'd better believe I'll mark those names down. But why should I say it when you already have?

Thank you for this article. And thank you to the enemy combatant herself, (though not formally a Czech au pair, caring for Xavier sometimes may still warrant the title) for sending it to me.

I am deeply ashamed of my government. But that's nothing new.


Anonymous Czech Chick said...

Thanks, Stormie...Your lobbying, and whatever form it takes *wink*, is deeply appreciated and supported!

Btw, if Gallaudet kids will be actually effective with their protest-fest against this president-designate, I will go, no, run run, and BEG them to move their effort/a*ses to the front lawn of the W-House. Now!

3:44 AM  
Anonymous Graham said...

I like the sentiment. That having been said, whenever I hear Garrison Keillor's voice I still want to jump off the nearest tall object. Really though I think Keillor should be sent to Guantanamo for his offenses against humanity...Guy Noir, the Cafe Berf (the Berf Cafe)...augh just writing it makes me hate.

6:30 AM  
Anonymous shrubs said...

I agree. it deeply saddens me that our government has led us to this place in the eyes of the world, a place with no respect and fear.

love Garrison btw....

2:35 PM  

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