Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Band Room Graffiti

There's something about a band room that brings out the 4th grader in everyone. For instance, let's say one encounters the sticker of a band called "Bones." Who among us could resist completing the sentence? (Bonesmoker!!!! ha ha ha ha ha!)

Bands spend lots of time waiting around in the band room, practicing their moves and staring at their shoes and so on.

This leaves plenty of time for creativity that extends beyond your typical powder room prose:

Then again, others simply like to draw pictures of penises for all to "enjoy." Like this:

A little something for the ladies:

And for the lads. (What's especially nice about this picture is how each band coming through adds a little something of his own to it. Never absent for long, please note the ubiquitous penis lurking nearby. )

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but I'm pretty sure this next one would not make a pretty visual. By the way, I was talking about the description of (what else) a penis, but "semen is freedom" and "I poop my pants" are other candidates just begging for a picture.

Sometimes, of course, band room graffiti isn't clever or funny; it's just lazy and offensive.

Then again, other times it's pretty cool. I'm not sure if they're birds or planes, but I like 'em!


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Wait, what band are you in now?

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