Monday, December 10, 2007

Linus in the Afternoon

No pet ever replaces another. We knew there would never be another Tinkerbell, who was a shoulder rider, a perpetually available companion, a dog-like, loyal, and gentle soul. The Tinks was friendly to all from kittenhood to her dotage, a keen fetcher of paper-balls, sworn enemy of all cats known and unknown, a menace to the rodent world, and the best cat that ever lived.
But Linus is no slouch, either. For better or for worse, our boy is rapidly distinguishing himself as a gentleman of many pursuits...and of many personalities. (Of many teeth, too).
It's true. Our dear Linus has shown himself to have about 17 distinct personalities, most of them fairly agitated. But the remaining few personalities all share a sweet, sleepy disposition, so we love our little fellow just enough not to sell him to the gypsies.
Linus has two perfectly formed little fangs that expose themselves mainly when he is sleeping; the further back he lolls his furry little head in repose, the more visible they become. Like some kind of little fruitbat or gerbil, he seems in constant need to bite and chew in order to relieve himself of some fang-related malady or other; perhaps he is filing down his sharps. If this is true, then he is equally fond of sharpening them back up on our vulnerable exposed flesh, especially while we're sleeping. We could set our clocks to his nightly routine; each night around 3:30 in the morning he stalks us as we slumber. It's very enjoyable for everyone involved. What's not to like about the occasional puncture wound delivered like a swift death-blow through three layers of bedding?
We live in fear.
Of course, we can't really blame the boy. He's just a baby kitty! He is VERY curious. And it's clear that he is also deeply, deeply mental. In fact, he seems to think the Brookstone N.A.P. blanket that the Mammal got for Christmas last year is his mother. (And, occasionally, his wife, but I'll spare you the details on that except to say it caused us to second-guess the neuter job allegedly done at the shelter before we rescued him...)
As I type this, he is slumbering peacefully next to the Mammal, who is busying himself with yet another item on our unending list of home-improvement projects. He sleeps on chairs, on the floor, on the aforementioned "mommy blanket;" he sleeps upside-down, half way on a lap and off a lap, on a pillow, on our legs, halfway on the Mammal and halfway on me, and when he wakes up he's got a jawstretching little squeak in his yawn that fills me with the (seriously ill-advised) urge to take my chances on a little nose rubbing action.
Here is some Linus for your viewing pleasures, in all his many, kittenly glories.

Soft and Sweet

The Mommy Blanket

When the ears turn sideways, hit the deck.

Untitled from faye on Vimeo

A look at those sharp teefs in action

A still shot of those teefs.


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