Saturday, December 08, 2007

Two Birds

One week after we adopted Linus, I had a business trip to Palm Springs. We'd planned to board our cat, Linus but since he was still adjusting to his new home, we asked my brother, Jaybird, to catsit for a week.

Jaybird (pictured in the Costa Rica teeshirt) was accompanied by his friend The Chick (pictured in the Steelers jersey) a 20-something enigma -- an accountant by trade -- who, rather predictably, drives around in an immaculate, brand new silver Cadillac sedan and, rather unpredictably, boasts a number of facial piercings and an insatiable appetite for heavy metal.

The two of them together are hilarious -- sort of like watching an old, slapstick style sitcom.

I hope they come back soon!

And of course, so does Linus.


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